What is Okno na Warszawę [The Window On Warsaw]?
The idea behind the project was simple from the beginning: to gather the most interesting cultural initiatives of Warsaw in one place. Much is going on in the city in the art and culture sphere, actually, so much that sometimes it is hard to trace it all. We decided to make it easier to everyone. We – six people, of different age and origin, coming from various parts of Poland, were bound by the same passion: Warsaw.

Okno na Warszawe, ekipa, fot. Jarek Zuzga

Our crew, from left to right: Iza Kieszek, Jarek Zuzga, Ania Rostkowska and Magda Liwosz

On 22 October 2011, in an extraordinary building housing the Gallery of the Museum of Printing under construction, we organized the first edition of The Window On Warsaw. We invited Warsaw designers, photographers, representatives of disappearing professions (brush-maker, engraver, clockmaker), bloggers, second-hand booksellers, artists, musicians, and Warsaw’s cultural institutions and associations. We organized Warsaw off-cinema shows, walks with certified city guides, workshops for children, savouring Warsaw specialties and much more. Over 4000 people visited, which came as a great surprise.

A truly positive reaction both from the guests as well as the exhibitors made the first edition of The Window On Warsaw only a starting point for all the activities that are currently being undertaken as part of this initiative. Presently, we are busy elaborating the programme of the third edition which is planned for April 2013. More than that, we are active on our Facebook fanpage, we keep the blog oknonawarszawe.pl , we organize competitions with very attractive Warsaw-prizes, we take interesting cultural events under the wings of The Window On Warsaw, we promote grass-roots initiatives – we are trying to prove to all those who are still unaware of it that Warsaw is an exciting city and it is worth putting some effort to get to know it better.

If you too are not indifferent to this city, if you are occupied with something interesting, creative or valuable – write to us at: oknonawarszawe@gmail.com.

In the meantime, find yourself cordially invited to the forth edition of our event in 2014. Check out what the city is up to!

Window on Warsaw team

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